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Quality control

Quality controlQuality controlQuality controlQuality controlQuality controlQuality control
Quality control
Quality control
Quality control
Quality control
Quality control
Quality control

Investing in efficient quality control is essential for any company. It may be thought that quality control should be strengthened at the end of manufacturing, but it is much more efficient to schedule controls and verifications at all stages of manufacturing.

It is essential to have a human team with well-defined responsibility, attitude and processes. In addition, communication between design and manufacturing department is crucial.

Clear parameters and indicators must be established to verify the products in each of the manufacturing phases. The cost generated of an error at the end of the manufacturing process is highly increased if we compare it with the premature detection of it. The best control is always prevention.

Thinking of a generic equipment manufacturing process, it is necessary to ensure that the following phases are controlled:

  • Selection and verification of the human team involved in the project.
  • Verification of welding procedures.
  • Confirmation and identification of materials and consumables.
  • Dimensional control.
  • Welding control.
  • Pre-assembly of equipment and sub-equipment.
  • Surface treatment control.
  • Equipment final verification.
  • Control of packaging, loading and lashing in containers or trucks.

The benefits of investing resources in quality control and managing them correctly are many, the most notable are:

  • Corporate image.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • Improved delivery times.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Product continuous improvement.

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